Why do you require PAN Card Verification?

  • Loan/Credit Card Fraud: Misuse of stolen PAN for applications.
  • Forgery: Creation of fake/altered PAN cards.
  • Identity Theft: Stealing PAN for fraudulent transactions and impersonation.

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DIGIPE Surefy?

Application of Razorpay SmartCollect Across Industries

How are companies like you using Razorpay
SmartCollect for reconciliation


Innov8 is a co-working space with multiple offices and branches across India. Some of Innov8’s customers prefer paying directly to the bank account. Reconciling these payments is a cumbersome task.


With Smart Collect, Innov8 creates, assigns and shares a unique VA and VPA to each customer. With this they have saved 60+ man hours every month, can send automatic payment notification to every customer and save on the payment commission charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the speed of KYC verification with Cashfree Payments. Instantly verify bank account numbers, UPI IDs, IFSC codes, PAN cards, and more. Get immediate responses upon request submission via our API.

Nope, no limits here! Verify accounts round the clock, any day, without any restrictions on the number of requests per day.

For seamless user, vendor, delivery partner, or employee onboarding, implement Bank Account Verification API. Safeguard data by internal system integration and automation, reducing third-party exposure risk.

Discover the versatility of account verification in various business contexts:

Streamlining Employee Background Checks: Recruitment agencies can utilize this feature to conduct thorough background verifications on potential candidates.

Facilitating Vendor Onboarding: Marketplaces engaging with multiple vendors can employ this feature to authenticate bank accounts, PAN, or other details during onboarding. This ensures precise payments and integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, reducing operational burdens and expenses.

Opting for Cashfree Payouts? Integrate Verification Suite for seamless verification.

Considering Cashfree marketplace settlement and seeking identity verification API integration? Opt for the verification feature separately. Our team will assist in seamless integration, enabling you to utilize both Cashfree marketplace settlement and verification functionalities concurrently.

BAV covers 600+ Indian banks, comprising public, private, and 126+ co-operative banks*. Please note that verification may not be available for certain co-operative bank accounts.

Rely on our data sourced directly from current government databases for utmost accuracy and reliability.

DigiPe Fintech Private Limited (DigiPe) is one of the fastest growing Neo Banking Services Company, in India.

DigiPe’s Business Banking arm, DigiPe, brings effectiveness and excellence to all banking and financial transaction processes. DigiPe offers a wide suite of Neo Banking Services that covers the entire life-cycle payment needs of both Merchants and Customers.

Innovation has always been at the forefront at DigiPe and the DigiPe App, the flagship offering of Digipe, stands testimony to this effect. The Digipe Platform has built-in firewalls and multi-layer validations to ensure transactions are not just instant but more importantly, secure. A host of customer-centric Services under various categories across multiple leading Brands are integrated onto this robust platform which serves as a one-stop destination to avail the wide spectrum of services, anytime, anywhere!